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Company policy

February 2023


Materials, Construction and Projects

  • All pieces will be built with high quality materials, as appropriate to the individual project.  Each piece will be executed with care and skill with the goal of not only meeting, but exceeding, expectations.

  • The fit of your wig is directly correlated to the correctness of the provided head tracing and measurement information – if the head tracing is not accurate or incorrect measurements are provided, the fit of the piece can be compromised. Haus Of Anomali assumes no responsibility for fitting errors that are a result of inaccuracies of the head tracing. If no measurements are provided, a standard medium cap (22.5”-23” circumference) will be selected.

  • Wig lace and hair are delicate materials and require careful handling when wearing, styling and cleaning. Haus Of Anomali is not responsible for damage to the wig or pieces incurred due to excessive wear and tear on the piece, improper handling, or failure of the client to properly clean and store the pieces or damages incurred during shipping. 



Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • We do not offer refunds or returns for partial or fully completed custom projects or items purchased through our online shop or social media.  In order to ensure client satisfaction, you’ll be sent digital photographs of the completed custom project. At that time, you can request adjustments to the piece in keeping with the intended and desired outcome of the project. Significant changes not part of the scope of the original project could result in additional cost or work time.

  • No returns or exchanges are allowed of ready to wear items purchased in our online shop or social media. No changes or adjustments will be made to Ready to Wear items purchased through the shop except at the discretion of the Custom Wig Company. If your ready-to-wear item does not meet your expectations, we encourage you to let us know so that we can advise you on the best course of action in order to remedy the situation. Please read the description and details of the items, including sizes, before purchasing. If you have questions, just let us know and we’ll help you determine if the ready to wear item is right for you!

  • In order to cancel your project and receive a refund, you must inform us before ANY work has begun on your project. In this case, you’ll receive a refund of any funds paid over 25% of the project’s total cost, less transaction fees or material expenses already incurred. We cannot cancel your order once work has begun.

  •  If a refund is granted, expect refund within 20 business days.



Payment options and Policies

  • Full payment is required to confirm order, determined by the cost of the project.

  • International clients are responsible for any taxes or import fees.

  • Please note that as of September 2019, we no longer accept personal checks or money orders without prior arrangement.  Returned payments will have a fee of $50.



Client Services and Satisfaction

  • If you receive your custom piece and request reasonable adjustments to the fit or execution of the piece, every attempt will be made to accommodate these requests as your satisfaction is our highest priority. Additional cost may be incurred if the adjustment requires significant time or material or is outside the scope of the initial project. This determination will be made by Haus Of Anomali. No changes or adjustments will be made to ready-to-wear items.

We encourage you to reach out to us at any time if you have questions or concerns. Once you have your custom or ready to wear item, we’re here for you any time you have a question or need some guidance.  You can call, email or message us, or request a video chat. If you receive your custom order and feel that it is not what you expected or that there are issues with the fit or style, we encourage you to let us know immediately so we can work with you to address your concerns. We want you to be happy and feel completely comfortable and confident in your wig, so let us know how we can help.



Copyright Infringement

  • We do not have any licensing agreements or rights to produce official replicas of trademarked or copyrighted characters, nor do we want to appropriate other designers’ and artists’ work. We will work with you to create an ultimately original item. In other words, we can make something uniquely you. We reserve the right to decline or cancel a commission if we feel you are asking us to infringe on a trademarked design or project.



Care, Maintenance and Durability of our Wigs

  • Wigs will require some amount of regular care and maintenance in order to maintain their original appearance. The needs of each piece are unique to the person and project, please ask us about the care and upkeep on your wig if you have questions.  We are happy to help and it is far easier to keep a wig looking good with regular maintenance than to restore a neglected piece.

  • Wigs will need to be restyled periodically to maintain their appearance.  We offer Re-styling and Maintenance services for a reasonable fee for all of our clients, any time. We invite you to email us with questions regarding wig maintenance.

  • All maintenance returns MUST be returned via UPS with a tracking number. 

  • Haus Of Anomali is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.

  • We stand behind our work and our products but are not able to make guarantees about the lifespan of a wig nor do we offer any warranties. We are happy to offer advice, consultation, care instructions, repair and other assistance at any time to help ensure the long life of your Haus Of Anomali wig.



Completion and Delivery of Products

Each project is unique. While we will do our best to have your piece ready by the estimated completion date, we reserve the right to take more time in order to ensure your project is exactly right. If your project has a hard and fast deadline, this will be reflected in your project agreement. There will be an additonal fee for expedited orders. Please note that we are not responsible for shipments once they have been tendered to the carrier. 


The specific terms of your project will be listed in your contract and may differ slightly from those listed here. 


Haus Of Anomali

CEO & Founder 

Jeana Turner

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