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stablished in 2020 by bald fashion model & Alopecia Advocate

Jeana Turner, Haus Of Anomali has evolved into a global personalized made-to-order experience of wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions.

The Anomali Haus began its entrepreneurial journey in Minnesota shortly after CEO & Founder Jeana Turner was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata at age 12. Frustrated at an industry that seemed to be dominated by "non-wig wearers" telling everyday wig wearers how to wear a wig & what looked natural, young beauty aficionado Jeana took wig making & customization into her own hands. Just because you wear a wig doesn't mean it has to be "wiggy" or can't be undetectable!


Haus Of Anomali was born with the intention to change the stigma.

Haus Of Anomali moved to Los Angeles, California in 2020.

As the company continues to expand exponentially & significantly, what remains true is Haus Of Anomali's mission and movement to change societal views on wigs. Haus Of Anomali strives to deliver personalized natural human hair options, chic styles, comfortable cap designs and innovative hair solutions to all wig wearing anomalies. 

Haus Of Anomali's hair catalog currently features endless human hair and synthetic wig styles, hair extensions & accessories, HD eyebrow replacements and hair care products.

Today, Haus Of Anomali works closely & directly

with clients across the world with and without bio hair to achieve

that perfect head of hair!

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